Beyond Words: The Courageous Expression of a Montessori Child

While on the surface this letter may automatically generate judgements on spellings/handwriting/incident and a sense of curiosity too, let's for a moment keep all that aside. The comment that emerges then could be ranging from - 'How sweet' to 'Such a beautiful expression' to 'How touching!' Let's keep that also aside. Then what is left?

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The Montessori Way: Nurturing Authentic Expression in Children

Freedom of expression is an integral part of Montessori Method. It develops the child's personality in the aspects of fearlessness and articulation.

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More Than Words: Love and Sensitivity in the Montessori Child

Happy, sad, angry, scared - sample of the vocabulary that a child has on emotions. What about Love? Maria Montessori writes, "The study of love and its utilisation will lead us to the source from which it springs, The Child". More than an emotion it is an immense force that has the capability to move anything.

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The Young Writer PART-II

Early morning, Chum Pum were walking through a meadow and they saw a strange thing. Suddenly they saw 2 rhinos running out of the forest and then Chum Pum went to investigate. They found poachers catching rhinos near the meadow.

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The Young Writer PART-I

Chum and Pum were swinging through wines to escape a black jaguar which was trying to eat them!

The jaguar pounced on the tree but then Chum put a series of back kicks, front kicks ans side kicks and dropped the jaguar to the ground which then ran away in fear.

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Dr. Maria Montessori (150 years) birth anniversary

Today we celebrate the Sesquicentennial (150 years) birth anniversary of Dr. Maria Montessori who founded the most innovative method of education that is capable of unraveling the potentials of children in the most natural way without hindering their independence and without obscuring their uniqueness.

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A poem by our Parent Ronald Suthakar Xavier, written on his parenting transformation by living the Montessori Mantra “Follow the Child”
Every time when my infant son had that infectious smile

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Maria Montessori was born on August 31st 1870. Maria Montessori was a renowned scientist and the first female doctor in Italy. An interest in children’s health and education led her to open a children’s school in Rome in 1907.

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Even in the midst of the worst ever pandemic that brought entire human activities to a standstill, there were so many blessings that defied this pandemic with the only mission of giving hope to mankind.

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Dear Parent,
Have you ever seen magic outside a magic show or a one that is not performed by a magician…? making ordinary people do something extraordinary and making everyone a magician with the magic wand “pay it forward” is Vruksha’s new ambitious initiative…

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Finger Cutting Knife

A 2 ½ year old child in our school, on seeing the knife started asking “Give me the Finger Cutting Knife… Give me the Finger Cutting Knife..”

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Which is important - Readiness or Outcome

A teacher from Germany visited our School on a Sunday. She is working in a 6-12 years Montessori School as a craft teacher. She liked our school. She went through our system, our website, our observations & assessments and said it is in-depth.

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