Beyond Words: The Courageous Expression of a Montessori Child

While on the surface this letter may automatically generate judgements on spellings/handwriting/incident and a sense of curiosity too, let's for a moment keep all that aside. The comment that emerges then could be ranging from - 'How sweet' to 'Such a beautiful expression' to 'How touching!' Let's keep that also aside. Then what is left?

Isn't there a sense of wonderment towards this expression? Than all of this, the child had the courage to express his sensitivity towards others. If you talk to the child, you will realise, it is not even courage. It just is! Something has touched the child deeply and the need for expressing it has gushed forth.

Imagine giving words and form to that sensitive expression! Now that probably can be a wonderment!

The child had the skill of giving shape to that expression by writing it. Not just that! There is a "proper" envelope, a starting page with stars, a start to the expression and a proper closure to the expression.

All this by an young elementary child. That is what Montessori philosophy is about. Facilitating the child to be who he is with freedom and independence, unencumbered by the conditioning of the society. Do you agree? Of course you may not agree but it maybe worth contemplating on. When was the last time you expressed yourself authentically to another?

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