Maria Montessori was born on August 31st 1870. Maria Montessori was a renowned scientist and the first female doctor in Italy. An interest in children’s health and education led her to open a children’s school in Rome in 1907. She then went on to develop the highly successful Montessori approach to education. She proposed a method of teaching children that stresses the development of initiative, self-motivation, respect and independence.

Dr Montessori created a carefully-planned environment that allows the children’s natural abilities to flourish.

To honor her Vruksha celebrated her birthday by presenting a pictorial tribute on 31st August 2018. Our Vruksha Children made timeline of major events of Dr. Montessori life history.

The event was a great success and many parent visited the event and appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers.

There was also an oath taking activity by teachers held.

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