Chum And Pum

Chum and Pum were swinging through wines to escape a black jaguar which was trying to eat them!

The jaguar pounced on the tree but then Chum put a series of back kicks, front kicks ans side kicks and dropped the jaguar to the ground which then ran away in fear.

Then there was a man called Techno Hunter who was spying on Chum Pum. The techno hunter came up with a formula which can turn anything which falls into it to turn into an evil spine chilling beast! When he wasn't expecting a fly dropped inside the potion! The fly turned into a ginormous mutated dragon like monster. The fly took off! The techno hunter took a rope and attached a suction cup to it. Then hurled the rope at the beast and hurled himself on top of the beast! Then he took another rope and then attached the rope to one of his little inventions. It was a mind controller!

"Ha ha ha... now you are under my command, he laughed"! Then he made the beast swoop down on Chum Pum who then ran away wondering" what kind of a fly is that?" So Chum quickly jumped upon a tree and called Cheel who their eagle friend. Chum hopped on to Cheel. Chum saw somebody on the fly! He didn't bother to check who it was and quickly jumped on the fly. The techno hunter was shocked to see Chum on the fly. He took our his sword and tried to cut Cham into 2 Pieces, but Chum quickly dodges the swords and says "ha! it will take more than that to defeat me!" And kicks techno hunter and he starts to fall down from the fly.

In the meanwhile, the fly is causing damage to the forest. Pum goes to his secret laboratory and takes out their secret weapon. It was a robot Pum was building. He took the robot and flew into the sky and grabbed the techno hunter and quickly called the police. Chum was still working to defeat the fly. Then Chum jumped on to Pum's robot! Then Pum and Cham kicked the fly at the same time and the fly also dropped to the ground. Chum quickly grabbed some ropes and tied the fly around. By this time the police came, arrested the techno hunted and burned the fly in a fire.

They thanked Chum Pum.

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