Chum Pum and Grand Master Dang

Early morning, Chum Pum were walking through a meadow and they saw a strange thing. Suddenly they saw 2 rhinos running out of the forest and then Chum Pum went to investigate. They found poachers catching rhinos near the meadow. Chum kicked open the cell of the rhinos. Pum found out that the second cell needed a code. Then he saw a clue to the code. Pum cracked the code in a matter of seconds! Pum opened the second cell.

Then the 2 rhinos began to charge at the poachers. The poachers ran to their jeep. When the 2 poachers fled, Chum Pum followed them to their hideout.

Then a dangerous looking man appeared. The man said to himself "my name is go - go Grand Master Dang"! When Chum Pum heard him say that they jumped on him! They said to themselves, we have to stop him!" So Chum said to Pum, "if you can get me the control, I think i can shut down everything". So he 2 brothers ran to the control room. Then a thug stood in thier way blocking their path. Chum Pum said "get out of our way, or it would not be good for you" So then, tha man said "how can you little things get past me, ha ha ha ha". Don't underestimate us, we have few tricks up our sleeves" said Chum Pum.

Chum flew with his entire body in the air and kicked the man in his chest. Then Chum Pum quickly went to the control of the control room. Pum tapped into the files and saw wiered looking shapes and dug deeper into the files and found Grand Master grand plan. It was to destroy the meadows with his very own rhino destroyers that control the rhino's mind. So Chum Pum decided to stop the Grand Master. The two brothers got into action. Grand Master had already arranged his army of unstoppable rhinos which were under his control.

Chum Pum leaped onto 2 rhinos back. Pum deactivated one rhino's controller. Then all the rhino's controllers got destroyed. But the Grand Master reactivated them. Pum got an idea and he asked Chum to yell loudly to the rhinos to attack the Grand Master's rhinos. The Grand Master fell out of the rhino's back and into a pool of blood.

Then the police came and arrested the gangsters. Chum Pum saw this distance and laughed!

- matha krish

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